Safe and informed Campus Community
Campus Administrators are challenged with providing a safe learning environment. Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) are required to provide a safe, drug free and violence free learning environment by the US Department of Education , the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools (OSDFS).  IHEs also recognize that in addition to emergency communications, it is equally important to be able to inform the student population in ways that transcend traditional email and print media.

University Administrative Communications
IHEs need to communicate campus specific information to students as part of ongoing operations.  Currently, IHEs utilize a combination of printed, emailed, posted and web-based materials to conduct this function. While email, phone texts and web-based content are frequently the most current and least costly way to communicate, important messages are often not received by students in a timely fashion due to the student’s lack of interaction with their campus email and website.

Campus Life Information
The communication of social events, campus activities and campus news is typically conveyed through the same methods as above and therefore has the same issues.  Current modes of communication rely on students to be proactive by accessing reliable sources in a timely fashion— and are falling short of the desired result.

The proprietary NOVICAST (Patent Pending) Platform is designed to address the administrative challenges of creating a safe and informed learning experience using state-of-the-art technology. The NOVICAST software  dramatically reduces the cost associated with content creation and management.  Typical digital signage systems require the use of video content creation and management software used by specially trained staff, that would make the generation and daily refreshing of topical content cost prohibitive.

    The NOVICAST value proposition for Institutions of Higher Education:
  •  provides an unrivaled communication platform of pertinent and current information;
  •  creates a potential revenue stream for the University with limited up-front procurement costs;
  •  enhances existing ECN system to better protect their student body, faculty and staff by leveraging Internet based technology;
  •  can be installed across the campus in phases;
  •  reaches students via new and emerging web enabled devices.

  • Emergency Campus Notification
  • Campus Information
  • Campus Schedule & Events
  • On Campus Digital Display
  • Remote Access via Web Enabled PDAs


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