We at NOViCAST® take the time to understand our clients business by using an atypical approach, a covert tactic called “listening”. We keep our finger on the pulse of the consumer market and help drive your business with professionals with a sound background in the Retail industry; those with a passion for impeccable service. We then customize a solution to meet and beat your needs, package, test and deliver it with our fully engaged NOViCAST®  engineering team.

By providing a personalized solution for your consumers, before, during and after shopping – NOViCAST® connects and completes the experience of on-line and in-store shopping. This breakthrough allows you the retailer to reach your customer and your customer to reach you and their favorite good and services in a comprehensive, personal manner. Our technology pushes consistent pertinent information, graphics and images as well as distinctive, interactive video streams of the retailer's products to laptops, smart phones, smart screens and smart shoppers. NOViCAST®  assures Retailers a distinct mix of content that motivates the shopper and reduces marketing costs without taking up valuable floor/shelf space.

Platform Simplicity

Internet-Based Content:  All content is aggregated and displayed from various sources of input.  This allows the Retailer to utilize an unlimited number of content providers whose, “never stale” media will be broadcast to specific high traffic areas.  Almost any Internet format can be pushed to the browser and displayed on the screen.
Smart Digital DisplayTM (SDD): SDDs consist of a standard PC-based appliance and standard LCD screens.  No complicated installation or licensed software is required..

System Interactivity

Portable Device Connectivity: The NOVICAST Platform allows connectivity to the system through a portal that contains the same content displayed on the SDDs and optional touch-screen SDDs.  The portal can be accessed through any internet connected device such as a cell phone, laptop, kiosk or desktop promoting customer interaction and loyalty through Rewards Program applications (aps), Promotions, Discounts and e-Coupons.

Measureable Results

The live portal feature allows the retail center and/or independent tenants to measure the level of interaction that the community has with the system, allowing the retailer to attract, touch and track the shopping pattern of their customers, bringing them back regularly.
ROI is realized quickly in situations where changing signs are preferred over static signs. Content can be exchanged easily, animations can be shown, and the signs can adapt to the context and audience, even interactively. NOViCAST® offers superior return on investment compared to static tape driven digital signs, as well as temporary and/or promotional signs made from other materials.

Consistency and Reliability

NOVICAST® is built on a flexible and reliable WAMP (Windows, Apache, My SQL and PHP) platform.

Consistent Content: Information is updated and pulled from a common source – e.g. the client’s website.
Instant SMS message relay to screens.
Enables messages to drive traffic and action by viewers.
Pre-set messages or on-the-fly message creation.
Each pane or screen is an interactive web-page.

Unlimited Flexibility

Screen Configuration: Flexible pane configuration on a national, regional, retail center and/or screen-by-screen basis, allowing Retailers to create groups for location specific communication.

Emergency Notification

In the height of an emergency, you need to have the fastest, most reliable system for communicating to the masses. NOViCAST® puts Public Safety and Security information as a top priority and offers centralized site security, specific emergency messaging, such as fire exits and traveler information, news, weather and local (location specific) information.


Engage - Connect

Make the shopping experience more relevant and more rewarding. Develop life-long relationships as faithful advocates of your brand.

  • NOViCAST® connects and completes the experience of on-line and in-store shopping.
  • Influence customer behavior – directing customers to different areas, increasing the dwell time on the store premises.
  • Portable Device Connectivity.
  • Enhance customer experience –including the reduction of perceived wait time in restaurant waiting areas, bank queues, etc., as well as recipe demonstrations in food stores.
  • Enhance the environment – with interactive screens or with dynamic wayfinding to specific areas of interest, particular tenants, parking and more.
  • Live Internet Feeds; streaming video and stills from the Developer or Tenant Websites as well as other pertinent information sources.
  • No repeating Tapes, Always FRESH Content.

Emergency Message Notification

  • Addressing the situation down to the individual screen level
  • Provides portal site for mobile and/or off-site access to emergency messages and content
  • Use as way-finding system (emergency and non-emergency)


The NOVICAST value proposition

  • Retailer – Customer connectivity via new and emerging web enabled devices.
  • Provides an unrivaled communication platform of “never stale” information.
Creates a potential revenue stream for the Retailer with limited up-front procurement costs.

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