NOVICAST is ideally suited for a community or campus venue. 
Specific vertical markets include University and College CampusRetail, Corporate, Hospital and Medical Centers, or Military Installations, Government and Transportation Hubs.

Features Benefits
New Communication Platform that automatically provides content that is topical and current. Low cost to operate, minimal personnel required.
Web Based ECN tool Enables immediate broadcast of emergency information across the platform and can be targeted to a single Smart Digital Display (SDD), a group of SDDs or all displays in the network.
Can be adapted to work with new or existing displays Leverage previously purchased components to increase coverage at a low cost.
Utilizes standard network connections Integrates with existing infrastructure.
Leverages the existing university web-based content and "pushes" the information out to the campus Ensures that students receive important information.
Enables the creation of new campus specific content through our simple online editing system or the use of standard website development tools Enables information to be updated quickly, easily and frequently.
Utilizes "off-the-shelf" hardware components Making the platform low cost and easy to maintain.
SDD's require no special software or licensing to operate Use industry standard LCD displays and a NOVICAST provided appliance.
Provides a web-portal that can be accessed by students, personnel, faculty, visitors, family and friends through mobile or desktop devices Enabling immediate and far-reaching communication.

  • Emergency Campus Notification
  • Campus Information
  • Campus Schedule & Events
  • On Campus Digital Display
  • Remote Access via Web Enabled PDAs


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