NOVICAST™ is a wholly owned technology of Funding Dynamics, LLC, (the "Company"). NOVICAST™ is a platform which utilizes a network of Smart Digital Displays (SDDs) programmed to deliver the next generation of emergency notifications and robust topical content which is broadcast to various venues across the United States. The NOVICAST™ technology reaches a wide demographic audience located on university and college campuses, military bases and installations, airports, and corporate and medical campuses.

The NOVICAST™ platform allows content providers, sponsors and advertisers to deliver relevant and topical content, information, messages and advertisements to the targeted demographic which is present at each venue.

The NOVICAST™ platform is a technology which achieves the objective of creating a fully informed environment. Content and information can be delivered which is of great importance to the specific audience, and which consists of current news, live topical content relevant for the specific demographic, weather alerts and surrounding business news.

The NOVICAST™ platform, in addition, enhances the security and safety of the particular venue by providing highly effective emergency notifications, alerts and instructions at critical moments when the need for such information is at its greatest.

Our Company’s commitment to creating a safe and informed environment at the various venues where the NOVICAST™ platform is deployed, is achieved by enabling our targeted audience to quickly and easily access important, relevant and topical content and information via our digital display portal, from any location on the venue and at any desired time.

The NOVICAST™ platform promotes a "never go dark" strategy which maximizes the goal of our content providers, sponsors and advertisers to create brand name recognition and awareness through continuous and repetitive impressions broadcast on the SDDs. This state-of-the-art technology positively impacts the lives and activities of the targeted demographic at times and locations which are not possible to reach through traditional digital signage systems and video based technologies.

For more information on how your company can effectively promote relevant content and advertising to your targeted demographic, please contact us by e-mail at One of our marketing specialists will contact you directly to discuss how the next generation NOVICAST™ technology can enable you to become a content provider, advertiser or sponsor at targeted venues across the United States.


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