Profile based on College Campus Demographic

Researching a Product or Service Prior to Making a Purchase

  • 53% spend 1-2 hours
  • 27% spend less than 1 hour
  • 20% spend 3 hours or more
Online Ads Have a Significant Influence
  • 52% made a purchase based on an online advertisement
  • 34% find online advertising the most influential means
    to get them to learn more about a product or service
Context is Key
  • 41% said online advertisements resonate if content is interesting
  • 34% said a contest or promotion with some value will
    motivate them to act on the advertisement

  • Experience, Inc's 2006 Online Advertising Habits.
NOVICAST provides Unrivaled ROI for the Sponser:
  • Coveted College Demographic
  • Cost Effective and Efficient Engagement
  • Sponsor Message Flexibility
  • Call to Action Programs
    • Campaigns
    • Coupons
    • Contests

  • $312 Billion of Spending Power per Year
  • 18 Million Student Demographic
  • 4,314 Institutions
  • 60% are Private Colleges
  • 60% are Four-year Schools

Advertising - Cross-market between venues: Push specific content to prime locations from your website or from hand-picked others to promote all facets of your organization and/or network-partner organizations. I.e. Mall to Hotel, to Casino, to Office Space, to Residence lobby, to Convention Center, and don’t forget Campus Life to pizza!



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