NOVICAST is the next generation digital broadcast technology. Originally was developed for Educational Institutions who are expected to provide a safe learning environment for their student body, faculty and visitors. Today NOVICAST serves a much broader communication marketplace.

The NOVICAST system is a patent pending, state-of-the-art technology which utilizes a network of smart digital displays (SDDs) in high traffic locations for your campus, retail center, office, fitness center, restaurant, airport, health care facility and / or military base.  This makes for a more rewarding experience at each venue and enables immediate and relevant information for an emergency event to be quickly and timely disseminated to the masses via the NOVICAST Digital Display network portal and SMS broadcast messaging.

NOVICAST is a technology of Funding Dynamics, LLC. NOVICAST supports our Company’s corporate social responsibility and initiative to provide a safe environment for our customers’ communities.

Funding Dynamics was created by a group of professionals who are passionate about leveraging their knowledge and experience to provide timely information and relevant content to our communities.


  • Delivers State of the Art Flexible Technology
  • Secures Immediate and Relevant Internet-Based Information
  • Provides Safe Environment
  • Created in collaboration with Campus Administrators, Faculty, Students and Safety Officers and further refined with professionals from the US Military, Retail Development, Transportation and Health Care industries
  • Supported by Funding Dynamics LLC



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